Be your best you

“Creating the freedom to choose your mood”

Just imagine what life could be like if you could step into the BEST version of YOU.
You know, the one…

  • when you can stop worrying about your ‘TO DO’ list for a moment and enjoy right now
  • when you can sleep better and stop feeling tired and irritable with everyone you care about
  • when you have energy and focus because you have uncluttered your mind
  • when this leaves you feeling free, unburdened and able to ENJOY LIFE

Aromatherapy workshops with Rebecca are all about helping you to feel like this.

Your host:

Rebecca is an aromatherapist who is passionate about encouraging more joy and more calm into our lives. Inspired by the mood boosting and healing properties of essential oils, she is both a healer and a mentor. She loves light and space, colour and sunshine, learning and discovery. Most of all she appreciates the beauty of the simple things in life.

She will guide you through your own aromatic journey of discovery, using some simple but powerful tools to help bring more calm and joy into your life.

Great for groups:

Get a group of friends together and immerse yourselves in a chilled out, informative, interactive and fun event.

  • You will discover some powerful, simple and natural tools for re-connecting with your best you
  • You will learn about how to incorporate mood boosting essential oils into your every day life. 1 minute tricks for even the busiest of people. Ways to find your calm even when you have no time
  • We will explore and experience the best oils by mood
  • You will learn how to blend a combination of scent
  • You will create your own bespoke blend to take home

The Menu:

Choose from the menu or ask about bespoke workshops tailored to you, your workplace or your friends.

  • Scents to Soothe Your Soul (CALMING & NURTURING)
  • Sunshine for Your Soul (ENERGISING & JOYOUS)
  • Aromatherapy for Better Sleep (SLEEP & RELAXATION)


The practical stuff:

  • Workshops are approximately 2 hours
  • Group sizes between 10 and 20 people
  • We only use pure natural plant oils
  • London area (Other locations may be possible by special arrangement)
  • Suitable for adults
  • For groups, the cost is £35 per person, plus the cost of hiring a venue (if required). It includes all materials, the precious essential oils, and you get to take your creation home
  • For bespoke events let’s arrange a call to discuss you needs. Contact us by email here
  • If you are pregnant, have epilepsy or are taking medication please advise and check suitability of using certain essential oils before joining an aromatherapy workshop