A soothing, sensual bundle of aromatherapy goodies to help quieten your mind and relax your body before sinking into restful sleep.

Just what you need for an evening wind-down ritual. Made with pure essential oils.

A thoughtful well being gift:

  • Midnight Calm roll-on aromatherapy blend
  • Midnight Calm Lavender pillow spray
  • ‘Sleepy sheep’ felt ornament (spray with the Pillow Spray, the peaceful aroma lasts for hours!)
  • Midnight Calm soothing bath soak
  • Night time herbal tea
  • Gift boxed and tied with a silky ribbon


The MIDNIGHT CALM blend was created to help calm your mind and relax your body before sinking into restful sleep. The mood is sedative and soothing. The aroma is tangibly deep and earthy with a real sense of heavy eyelids about it.

It contains soporific Valerian Root and Lavender oils to encourage sleep, with Chamomile and Vetiver help to quieten the mind. A drop of Ylang Ylang leaves a lingering floral veil like a warm velvety night.

Midnight Calm aromatherapy pillow spray

Just spray directly onto the edge of your pillow, or if you prefer, onto the cute ‘Sleepy Sheep’ felt ornament which can be placed by your bed. It’s wool holds the soothing aroma for hours.

A lightweight spray, alcohol free and is made with therapeutic natural essential oils. 30ml e

Midnight Calm roll-on essential oil blend

A deeply tranquil blend of essential oils in an easy to apply roll-on bottle. Just roll onto the back of your hands, wrists and neck before bed. Deeply and slowly inhale the peaceful aroma before breathing slowly all the way out. A lovely ritual to actively quieten your mind down at bed time.

Midnight Calm bath soak

A luxuriously indulgent bath soak with Himalayan pink salts, Epson salts and the Midnight Calm essential oil blend. The magnesium in the Epson salts is known for supporting balanced sleep. Relax in a warm bath while you gently inhale those deeply peaceful essential oils.

There’s enough here to enjoy 3 relaxing baths. 50ml e

Soothing Night Time Tea

Enjoy a calming herbal tea before bed

Sleepy Sheep

Approx. 90 x 40cm with a loop for optional hanging. Wool felt. Handmade, each one is individual. Fair Trade.


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