Essential oil blend and aromatherapy candle. The ultimate pairing to SOOTHE and LIFT the soul. Hand blended with pure essential oils in the UK.  

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Our Aromatherapy Mood Shot coupled with Lipsius uplifting aromatherapy candle is THE ultimate duo to LIFT YOUR SOUL.

This is the one for recovery, nurture and self-care.

Uplifting aromatherapy candle

Think warm Mediterranean summer evening vibes. A joyous sunny aroma with the sweet woody notes of Cedar infused with a touch of Rosemary and light-hearted Mandarin.

  • Pure Cedarwoood, Red Mandarin and Rosemary essential oils
  • Organic
  • Hand poured in London
  • Soy wax
  • Metal lid
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Height 6.5cm
  • Width 5.5cm

Uplifting essential oil blend

A very pretty blend of essential oils to UPLIFT and SOOTHE, in a handbag friendly, easy to apply roll-on bottle. Ready blended for instant application on-the-go, it comes with a drawstring bag for travel.

SWEET COMFORT ‘Aromatherapy Mood Shot’ is a kind and comforting blend brimming with the steadying warmth of a big hug. The oils have been chosen to help lift the spirits and bring a sense of support when we are overworked or feeling emotionally spent.

A hauntingly beautiful aroma with the ethereal notes of Orange Blossom and Rose enriched by the warmth of a resinous heart. Feminine, sweet and floral with a touch of succulent herbaceous green.



  • 6 pure essential oils
  • Hand created in small batches in London
  • Roll-on application
  • Ready blended for instant use
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Height 5.5cm
  • Width 1.5cm


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