Aromatherapy Mood Shots: THE COLLECTION


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Contains: 4 Aromatherapy Mood Shots, individually boxed.

A luxurious gift for someone special, buy for yourself, or share out amongst your friends.

Great value as its less than buying each one separately and you have one to suit every mood or personality.

  • MORNING MOJO – A motivating energiser for a bright kick-start to a positive day
  • BREATHING SPACE – A deeply peaceful moment of mindfulness to escape the cyclone of stress
  • SWEET COMFORT – An uplifting dose of self-care to lift your spirits. Perfect when overworked or emotionally spent
  • MIDNIGHT CALM – A  relaxation ritual to quieten your mind before sinking into peaceful sleep

Aromatherapy Mood Shots ® are elegant, handbag-friendly essential oil blends for creating your own personal sanctuary wherever you are.

These little mood boosters are topped with a roller ball for easy application and packed with a drawstring bag for travel.

Hand blended in small batches in the UK using only the finest grade essential oils that are ethically sourced.

Suitable for vegans
Powerful. Personal. Portable

The Ritual:

Roll | Inhale | Hold | Exhale

Take a moment to stop what you are doing and connect with your senses. Select the blend that suits your mood. Roll the essential oils onto your wrists, neck or chest and the back of your hands. Be quiet. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose while inhaling the aroma. Hold. Then exhale forcefully all the way out to empty your lungs.