Aromatherapy Mood Shots: BREATHING SPACE

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A handbag friendly, ready to roll blend of calming essential oils.



What: Essential oil blend with rollerball applicator

Why: Frazzled, anxious, in need of mental calm

Scent: Peaceful woody citrus


Aromatherapy Mood Shots ® are pocket sized essential oil blends for creating your own personal sanctuary wherever you are. Each one is topped with a roller ball for easy application, and packed inside a drawstring bag.

Hand blended in small batches in the UK using only the finest grade essential oils that are ethically sourced. Plant based. Suitable for vegans.

The Mood:


When to use it:

Feeling frazzled, stressed or overwhelmed and need some time out? Use this ritual to re-connect with your senses and mindfully release the stresses of the day.

Suitable for any time of day or night.

The Fragrance:

The fragrance resonates with a deeply peaceful base of Frankincense, balanced by a warm resinous heart and a gentle breeze of cleansing citrus. A wonderfully meditative aroma that feels steadying to the mind.

Descriptive words: Woody, resinous, citrus, peaceful, quiet, reminiscent of temples

The Ritual:

Take a moment to step away from whatever you are doing. Roll the essential oil blend onto your wrists or neck, and the back of your hands. Deeply inhale the peaceful aroma. Hold. Then exhale all the air in your lungs. Repeat.


2 reviews for Aromatherapy Mood Shots: BREATHING SPACE

  1. Nancy

    I absolutely love this blend. The mini roller ball is perfect for keeping in my bag and whipping out when I need a calm moment. The blend smells gorgeous and you can tell it is expertly made. I use it at bedtime to help me wind down and during the day for a little head space. Love it, and looking forward to trying more l.

  2. clair jacobs

    I love this blend and the name ‘breathing space’ is exactly what it is. I use this when I need to calm my thoughts and things get overwhelming. The scent for me is slightly sweet, yet subtle and delicate, lingering gently on the skin. I look forward to trying more. These products are excellently made, easy to take with you anywhere and feel luxurious to use. I look forward to trying more, please !!

    • Rebecca McKnight

      So glad you are enjoying it. More products in early development now. Watch this space! Any special requests always considered.

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