Aromatherapy Mood Bracelet: ENERGY

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Hand crafted Carnelian gemstone bracelet with ‘Morning Mojo’ essential oil blend.

Place a drop of aromatherapy oil onto the porous volcanic lava bead. Every time you move your hand you will breathe in the energising aroma of the pure essential oils.

Flexible size.

Presented in a gift box.

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The gemstones: CARNELIAN

The fiery hues of red Carnelian feel as if they are imbued with powerful creative energy, to bring a sense of boldness, courage and positivity.

The aromatherapy blend: MORNING MOJO

A bright warm energising blend of essential oils with a zing of determination. A twist of LIME, and a kick of GINGER support this incredibly interesting blend with vitality and life. Go get you mojo back!

The volcanic bead:

There is one porous stone on the bracelet created from volcanic lava. This absorbent stone holds the essential oils.

The aromatherapy blend can also be massaged directly into your skin or smoothed onto your torso before an invigorating bath or shower.


CAUTION: MORNING MOJO is NOT SUITABLE WITH EPILEPSY due to the inclusion of Rosemary essential oil which is a nervous system stimulant. Wonderful and wakeful but just too powerful a tonic when already over-sensitive.



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