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How to keep your spirits up when working from home

The first time around may have been a bit of a novelty, but how are you feeling about working from home again if you can? Or maybe you are STILL working from home?
Are you missing the chats, the banter or a few drinks after work? Do you find that one day merges like fog into the next? Are you feeling tired of it all and unmotivated?

If home now feels like your work place but without any of the benefits and all you seem to do is work, then read on.

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3 quick de-stress tricks

Be your best you

For lots of reasons right now, most of us are feeling anxious or stressed.

We are learning new ways of dealing with our lives. Juggling children with working from home, losing jobs, living on top of each other, isolated, worried about loved ones or facing real danger every day.

So it is not surprising if anxiety is quietly gnawing away somewhere inside you.

The good news is that there are some simple tools to help.

If you are feeling stressed or irritable, try one of these breathing tricks to find some calm. Breath work has long been recognised in yoga, in child birth and other situations as a way to reduce panic and calm physical stress reactions.

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FIND YOUR CALM: Aromatic de-stress workshop

Well being afternoon with aromatherapy and guided meditation

Join us for a deeply relaxing afternoon of aromatherapy, mindfulness and practical meditations for stress release.

In this sensual workshop we will re-connect with our senses through scent, breathing and body scan techniques. Focusing on stress reduction, we will explore the best essential oils for calm, learn some practical de-stress tools, and experience some simple but powerful mini meditations to still your mind.

Contact us using the contact form to arrange your own workshop for friends or colleagues.

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