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The Gift of Calm

Thoughtful wellbeing gifts are the perfect way to show you care.

Create your own wellbeing hamper. Choose any 4 products and request gift wrapping. I will gift box them with a ribbon, add a message from you and pop in a calming cuppa too.

Deep relaxation aromatherapy blends for sleep. Photo shows MIDNIGHT CALM roll on aromatherapy blend and Lavender Pillow Spray in blue glass bottles with gold lids


Aromatherapy Mood Shots ®

Aromatherapy Mood Shots are roll on essential oil blends. Choose your mood to de-stress, lift your spirits, energise or deeply relax before sleep. Photo shows colourful boxes containing blue roll-on both and drawstring bag. Roll on and inhale.


Aromatherapy Mood Shots ® are mood boosting
essential oils blends for 60 seconds of recovery wherever you are.
Helping you to be the best version of you!

Handbag friendly, elegant and easy to apply, each one comes with
a roll-on top and a drawstring pouch.


Just roll the oil onto the back of your hand or wrist and deeply breathe in the aroma. HOLD.
Breathe all the way out forcefully to empty your lungs. REPEAT.

Hand blended in small batches in the UK.
Suitable for vegans.

The Little Box of Calm

Chill out and de-stress wherever you are. 3 roll on essential oil blends. Calm your mind, lift your spirits, or deeply relax before sleep. Just choose your mood and do the 60 second ritual. ROLL. INHALE. HOLD. EXHALE. REPEAT
The Little Box of Calm
contains 3 roll on essential oil blends to chill out and de-stress wherever you are. This 60 second ritual makes a thoughtful gift.


Pillow Sprays & Room Sprays

Aromatherapy Room Sprays


Each blend of essential oils has been chosen to suit your mood.

CALM for a zen working space | ENERGY for a get stuff done day | UPLIFT to cheer and comfort | or a deeply prelaxing lavender pillow spray before SLEEP.

The best and most fun way to use your aromatherapy room sprays is by spraying one of our felt ornaments. Find them here.

Happy Hound felt dog with knitted pink scarf and uplifting aromatherapy room spray by Emotiv Aromatherapy
SOUL SUNSHINESpray the Happy Hound to hold the aroma for hours
Calming aromatherapy room spray for yoga, work, home or car.
Spray the felt pot plant and place by your desk

Lavender pillow spray and sleepy sheep. Spray the essential oil blend over the little cream coloured woollen sheep and place by your bed for deep relaxation before sleep


Spray the little wooden sheep with Midnight Calm and leave by your bed

Wellbeing gifts

Thoughtful   |   Handcrafted   |   Sensual   |   Beautiful

Emotiv Aromatherapy The Gift of Sleep. Wellbeing gift box with deep relaxation Midnight Calm essential oil blend. Includes pillow spray, bath soak, roll on aromatherapy, herbal tea and sbedside felt sleepy sheep.

Need a thoughtful wellbeing gift?

Give the ‘Gift of Sleep‘ or the ‘The Little Box of Calm‘.
Create your own wellbeing box or select from one of our suggestions.

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